-  Cyclopath Ride Slide Shows & Videos

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20240622 Puyallup Cyclopaths:  "Sunrise Visitor Center Climb Repeats" (Video) 

20240608 Puyallup Cyclopaths Skate Creek Loop Ride - Part 3 (Hwy 12 into Packwood and Up Skate Creek Road Back to Our Vehicles (Video - 10 minutes) 

2024_06_08 Puyallup Cyclopaths:  Skate Creek Loop Ride (Photo Album)

2024_06_08 Puyallup Cyclopaths: Skate Creek Loop Ride - Part 2 (Descent from Paradise to Reflection Lake and Down Through Stevens Canyon) (Video - 18 minutes)

2024_06_08 Puyallup Cyclopaths: Skate Creek Loop Ride - Part 1 (Starting Point up to Paradise Visitor Center) (Video - 16 minutes))

2024_05_11  Puyallup Cyclopaths: Narrows Bridge & Kitsap Peninsula Ride (Video) 

2024_04_20 Puyallup Cyclopaths: "Tom Broxson Loop Ride" (28 minute version) 

2024_04_20 Puyallup Cyclopaths: "Tom Broxson Loop Ride" (1 hour version) 

2023 11 08  Mike's Foothills Trail Ride - Mostly Solo (met Keith late in ride) 

2023 10 28  Puyallup Cyclopath Ride - Foothills Trail (Video) 

2023-07-21  Morning Ride with Dwaine, Les and Mike (Video) 

2023 05 27  Puyallup Cyclopaths: Cycling Skate Creek Loop on Mount Rainier (full ride)(Video) 

2023 05 27  Cycling on Mount Rainier Last Saturday (4 minutes - a few highlights)(Video) 

2023_04_15  Puyallup Cyclopaths:  Carbon River Entrance Ride (Video)

2023-01-29  Carbon River Entrance to Mt Rainier (with Dwaine, Tom B., Scott W., Rob D. and Mike)(Video) 

2021_08_19  Puyallup Cyclopath "Rainiering Ride" (Photo Album) 

2021_07_31  Cayuse Pass, Chinook Pass, Backbone Ridge (both sides) & Paradise (Photo Album) 

2021-07-24  Carbon River Entrance to Mt Rainier  & Buckley (Les, Dwaine, Gary, Tom, Martin, Scott & Mike) (Photo Album) 

2021 07 10  Mt St Helens Ride - West Side (Tour de Blast Route: 84 miles and 7,200' of climbing) (Video) 

2021_07_10  Mt. St. Helens - west side (Tour de Blast Route) (Photo Album) 

2021_06_26 Sunrise Visitor Center Hill Repeats with Les, John, Scott J., Martin, Tom B., Rob & Mike (Photo Album) 

2021 06 19 Dwaine, Les, Tom & Mike - Dwaine's "Double Lollipop" Ride (Video) 

2021-06-12  Skate Creek Loop Ride (Adam, Dwaine, Les, Rob, Scott W., Scott J., Martin and Mike) (Photo Album) 

2021 04 17  Puyallup Cyclopaths: "Carbon River Entrance to Mt Rainier Ride" (Video) 

2020_09_27  Carbon River Entrance to Mt. Rainier with Adam, Dwaine and Mike (Video) 

2020_09_19  Idaho Gran Fondo with Mike Richards, Steve Barker and Rob Critchfield (Photo Album) 

2020_07_03  Sunrise Visitor Center Descents  (Video)

2020_07_03 Sunrise Visitor Center Climb with Scott Kyle Martin & Mike  (Video)

2020_06_14 Last Ride with Leon... Carbon River Ranger Station & Back  (Video)

2020_05_10 Mike... Mother's Day Ride... hot & fast  (Video)

2020_05_09 Buckley to Orting on The Foothills Trail... mostly  (Video)

2019_09_12 Carbon River Entrance to Mt. Rainier with Dwaine T. and John Clyde (Photo Album)

2019 08 23 Skate Creek Loop with Dave Wilcoxson, David Crawford and Mike _ (Video)

2019_08_23 Skate Creek Loop #2 (Dave Wilcoxson, David Crawford and Mike) _ (Photo Album)

2019_08_03 Hurricane Ridge Ride (Adam, Dwaine, Nick I., Scott W., Tristan, Rob D. and Mike) _ (Video)

2019_08_03 Hurricane Ridge Ride _ (Photo Album)

2019/07/20: Sunrise Climb, Cayuse Pass and Chinook Pass (Mike H. and Nick I.) _ (Video)

2010_06_15 Sunrise Triple/Quadruple Ride (Photo Album)

2019_06_15 Sunrise Visitor Center Triple/Quadruple Ride _ (Video)

2019_06_01 Skate Creek Loop Ride (Photo Album)

2019_06_01 Skate Creek Loop Ride (Video)

2019_05_11 Alder Lake Loop Ride with "The Climb" Option (Video)

2019_05_05 Sunday Morning Hill Repeats at "The Climb" (Video)

2019_04_20 Carbon River Entrance to Mt Rainier Ride (Video)

2018_08_23 "Rainiering" Ride with Adam, Scott, Les, Leon, & Mike (video)

2018_08_23 "Rainiering" Ride with Adam, Scott, Les, Leon, & Mike (photo album)

2018_08_12 Hurricane Ridge Descent (Video)

2018_07_16 Kitsap Ride - Dwaine, Les, & Mike (Photo Album)

2018_07_07 Triple By-Pass _ Video #2 (Whistlin' Jack's Lodge_Naches area_ascent of east side of White Pass_descent of west side of White Pass_back to Grove of the Patriarchs) (Video)

2018_07_07 Triple By-Pass_Video #1 (Grove of the Patriarchs_Cayuse Pass (south side)_Chinook Pass (west side)_Whistlin' Jack's Lodge) (Video)

2018_07_07 Triple By-Pass Ride (photo album)

2018_06_27 Skate Creek Loop with White Pass Added - Mike & Les (photo album)

2018_06_23 Sunrise Quadruple Ride (Video)

2018_06_23 Sunrise Triple/Quad Ride (photo album)

2018_06_16 Skate Creek Loop_Video #2_ Backbone Rdge Descent_Ranger Station_Ohanapecosh_Paceline to Packwood

2018_06_16 Skate Creek Loop_Video #1_Start to Paradise_Reflection Lake_Stevens Canyon_Top of Backbone Ridge (Video)

2018_06_16 Skate Creek Loop Ride (photo album)

2018_05_19 Alder Lake Ride (Video)

2018_05_05 Kitsap Ride (2.7K Video)

2018_04_26 Les and Mike Returning from the Carbon River Entrance to Mt. Rainier (2.7K Video)

2018_03_31 "Cyclopath Sunday": The Climb with Adam_John_Lanny_Leon_Isaac_Nick_Les_Kurt_Mike (4K Video - 13 minutes)

2018_03_20 Foothills Trail_Mike Solo Ride (4K Video - 8 minutes)

2018_03_19 Foothills Trail (beautiful day)_Mike Solo Ride (Video - 40 minutes)

2018_03_18 "Cyclopath Sunday": The Climb (John, Leon, Isaac, Mark, and Mike (Video)

2018_03_11 "Cyclopath Sunday": The Climb - First Group Ride of 2018 (Video)

2017_09_23 Haller Pass Ride (photo album)

2017_08_17 "Rainiering" Ride (photo album)

2017 08 17 "Rainiering Ride" Video #1 (Video)

2017 08 17 "Rainiering" Ride Video 2 Chinook and Cayuse South Descent (Video)

2017_08_05 "Rainiering" Warm-up Ride (photo album)

2017 08 05 White Pass Descent (Video)

2017 08 05 Descent From Reflection Lake to Upper Stevens Canyon (Video)

2017_08_05 Stevens Canyon Descent (Video)

2017 08 05 Backbone Ridge Descent (Video)

2017_07_15 Cycling from the Narrows Bridge to Port Orchard and Back (Port Orchard waterfront) (Video)

2017_07_09 Chinook Pass Descent (west side) - with Les and Dwaine (Video)

2017_07_09 Les, Dwaine, Mike, and the Mountains (photo album)

2017_07_04 Boston Harbor and Back (Les and Mike H.) (photo album)

2016_09_16 Haller Pass Gravel Ride (Dwaine and Les) (Photo Album)

2016_08_30 Fairfax Bridge Ride (Les & Mike) (Photos)

2016_08_21 "Rainiering" - Les Becker, Dwaine Trummert, Adam Abrams, & Mike Hassur (Photo Album)

2016_08_13 Haller Pass Gravel Ride - Dwaine & Mike (Photo Album)

2016_07_16 Windy Ridge Ride on Mt. St. Helens (Photo Album)

2016_07_02 Puyallup Cyclopaths: White Pass, Backbone Ridge (east side), Paradise, Backbone Ridge (west side), Cayuse Pass, and Chinook Pass (Photo Album)

2016_06_25 Cayuse Pass, Chinook Pass (both sides - sort of), and Sunrise Visitor Center Climb (twice): Les, Dwaine, Nick, Scott, Rob, Aaron, and Mike (Photo Album)

2016_06_04 Tacoma, Olympia, Tenino and Back: 100 miles (almost) with Les, Rex, Dwaine, and Kurt (Slide Show)

2016_05_28 Alder Lake Loop and The Climb Ride (Photo Album)

2016_05_17 Kitsap Ride (Mike Hassur and Les Becker) (Photo Album)

2016_04_23 Kitsap Peninsula Ride (Photo Album)

2015_09_26 Windy Ridge Ride (Mt. St. Helens) (Photo Album)

2015_09_12 Vancouver to Whistler Gran Fondo (Photo Album)

2015_09_05 Mt. St. Helens West Side Ride (Johnston Ridge Visitor Center and Back) (Photo Album)

2015_08_08  Quadruple Passes/Peaks Ride (Video)

2015_08_08 Quadruple Passes/Peaks Ride (Slide Show)

2015_07_18 Sunrise Triple Climb Ride - Descent #3 (Video)

2015_07_18 Sunrise Triple Climb Ride - Descent #2 (Video)

2015_07_03 Triple By-Pass (Slide Show)

2015 06 20 "Leon's Ride: Backbone Ridge (east side) Descent (Video)

2015 06 20 "Leon's Ride": Stevens Canyon Descent (2nd descent of "Leon's Ride") (Video)

2015_06_20 "Leon's Ride": Reflection Lake to Upper Stevens Canyon Descent (Video)

2015_06_20 Puyallup Cyclopaths "Leons's Ride" (Slide Show)

2015_06_06 Skate Creek Loop Ride (Slide Show)

2015_05_30 Backbone Ridge (east side), Paradise, Backbone Ridge (west side), Cayuse and Chinook Pass (Slide Show)

2015_05_09 Carbon River Entrance to Mt. Rainier Ride (Slide Show)

2015_04_18 Westside Road Ride (Mt. Rainier) (Slide Show)

2015_04_18 Westside Road Ride: "Log Bridge Or Ride Throug The Stream" (Video)

2015_04_18 Westside Road (Mt. Rainier) Ride: Beginning Descent From Klapatche Point (Video)

2015_03_29 Cycling The Narrows Bridge, The Olympic Peninsula, And Fox Island (Video)

2015_01_02 "Roller Madness" (Video)

2014_10_04 Scouting West Side Road (Mt. Rainier) With Les Becker (Slide Show)

2014_09_14 North Cascades_Winthrop Cycling Weekend (Slide Show)

2014_08_23 Mt. St. Helens Ride (West Side, "Tour de Blast Route") (Slide Show)

2014-08-09 Quadruple By-Pass Ride (Slide Show)

2014_07_31 Leon & Mike: 5 Passes In 80 Miles (Slide Show)

2014-07-27 Skate Creek Loop (2nd Edition)(Slide Show)

2014_07_19 Sunrise Double Ride (Slide Show)

2014_07_05 Triple-By-Pass (Slide Show)

2014_06_21 Conor, Les, Dwaine, & Mike On Forest Svc. Roads Near Greenwater (Slide Show)

2014_06_14 Skate Creek Loop Ride (Slide Show)

2014-06-08 Puyallup Cyclopaths "Mowich Lake Ride" (Slide Show)

2014_05_31 Chinook Pass Snow Ride (Slide Show)

2014_05_24 Puyallup Cyclopaths Alder Lake Loop Ride (Slide Show)

2014_05_24 Puyallup Cyclopaths Alder Lake Loop Ride (Video)

 2014_05_03 Puyallup Cyclopaths: Carbon River Entrance To Mount Rainier Ride (Video)


2014_03_15 Puyallup Cyclopaths: "The Climb" Fast Descent #2 (Video)


2014_01_02 Conor Colllins: "California Screamin' " (Video) (** Click on the "video" to start it and enlarge it "")


2013_12_14 Leon, Conor, & Mike: "The Climb" In December (Video)

2013_11_17 Dwaine Trummert CX Racing At Sprinker (Tacoma) (Slide Show)


2013_10_26 "Off Road Cycling": Fairfax Bridge Trail (Slide Show)


2013_09_22 Leon Matz Competing in the UCI World Championships (Slide Show) 


2013_09_08 Backbone Ridge and Paradise Ride: Descending With Jurgen (Video)


2013_09_08 Backbone Ridge and Paradise Ride (Slide Show)


2013_09_07 Puyallup Cyclopaths BBQ - Hosted By Rick and Nancy Collins (Slide Show)


2013_09_01 Puyallup Cyclopaths Windy Ridge Ride (Slide Show)


2013_08_15 North Cascades Newspaper Article by Chris Fox (Slide Show)


2013_08_03 Calfornia Climbing With Leon Matz and Mike Smith (Slide Show)


2013_07-27 Puyallup Cyclopaths RAMROD_ Stevens Canyon Descent (Video)


2013_07_27 Puyallup Cyclopaths' RAMROD (Slide Show)


2013_07_13 Puyallup Cyclopaths: "Reverse RAMROD" Cayuse Pass Descent (Video)


2013_07_13 Reverse RAMROD (Slide Show) 


2013_07_06 Sunrise Double Plus Crystal Mountain (Slide Show) 


2013_06_23 to 29 Brent and Rod's Colorado Cycling Adventure


2013_06_29 Triple-By-Pass" (Slide Show)


2013_06_29 Puyallup Cyclopaths "Triple-By-Pass" Ride (video)


2013_06_11 Puyallup Cyclopaths: Les & Mike_Narrows Bridge and Kitsap Ride (Video) 


2013_06_08 Skate Creek Loop (Slide Show)


2013_06_01 Puyallup Cyclopaths: Training On "The Climb" - Again (Leon, Mark, Martin, & Mike) Slide Show


 2013_06_01 Cayuse Pass/Chinook Pass Snow Ride (Slide Show)


2013_05_11 Alder Lake Loop Ride (Slide Show)


2013_04_27 Carbon River Entrance To Mt Rainier Slide Show


2013_03_30 Puyallup Cyclopaths Descending "The Climb" (Video)


2013_03_23 Carbonado To Orting Portion Of An Early Season Ride (Video) 


2012_11_17 BMC 79 Mile Challenge Ride to Eatonville WA (Time Lapse) (Video)


2012_09_08 Sunrise_Cayuse Pass_Chinook Pass Slide Show


2012_09_01 Windy Ridge Ride Slide Show


2012_08_05 Hurricane Ridge Ride Slide Show


2012_07_08 Axel Merckx Granfondo Slide Show


2012_07_01 Cyclopath Triple-By-Pass Ride Slide Show


2012_06_24 Yakima Ride Slide Show


2012_06_14 SKATE CREEK LOOP RIDE #1 Slide Show


2012_06_21 Skate Creek Loop Ride #2 (Video)


2012_05_26 Alder Lake Loop Ride Slide Show


2012_05_19 Cayuse Pass Early Season_Snow Ride Slide Show


2012_05_12 Carbon River Entrance To Mt Rainier Ride Slide Show


2012_03_31 (through 2012_04_05) California Cycling Trip Slide Show


2011_08_20 North Cascades Quadruple By-Pass Ride Slide Show