- Cyclopath Forum Instructions

Puyallup Cyclopaths’ Cycling Forum Instructions

At our Cyclopath Planning Meeting two weeks ago, some of our group asked if we could have a forum for our group to discuss all things cycling and Cyclopath. I have set up a forum for our group on Google. Here is how it works:

1. You have to go to the website to start a new topic or to reply to a topic. You cannot post to the forum by email. The web address for our forum is: https://groups.google.com/forum/?oldui=1#!forum/puyallupcyclopathcyclingforum

2. To start a new topic:

a. Click on the red “New Topic” button at the top of the web page

b. Fill in the “Subject” line for the new topic

c. Enter you question or discussion topic

d. Associate a “tag” or “tags” with you topic. The tag helps to “categorize” your topic for later searches. You can associate more than one tag with your post if applicable.

e. Click on the red “Post” button at the top of the page, and you have created a new “discussion topic” for our group

3. Anytime there is activity (a new topic or a reply to a post) on our forum, each member of our group will receive an email from the forum alerting them that there has been a new post (or posts) on the forum. To minimize the impact on each member’s email Inbox, I have set this feature up so that only one email will be sent to the members each day which summarizes the new forum activity for that day (the only exception to this rule is that the author of a new topic on the forum will receive an email for each response to that topic). On days when there is no new forum activity, no email will be sent to forum members.

4. When you receive the “summary email” for a particular day, you can reply to a particular topic by clicking on the link for that topic in the “summary email”. This will take you to that particular topic discussion on the forum website where you can post your reply.

5. Our goals with this forum are as follows:

a. To give us a more formal place to discuss things as a group

b. To minimize the impact on each Cyclopath's email Inbox (i.e. instead of receiving a string of emails in your Inbox during a discussion or a Happy Birthday wish, etc.; you will receive - at most - one "summarizing email" from our forum on the days when the forum receives posts); the discussions themselves will be shown on the forum website and not in your Inbox

c. To allow each of us to participate in the discussions that interest us (and to ignore the ones that don't) without your Inbox filling up with discussion responses in which you have no interest

6. If, for any reason, you do not wish to be a participant in the Puyallup Cyclopath Forum; just let me know so that I can remove you as a forum participant

7. If you have questions, contact me. This is a new venture for me as well as for each of you. If unexpected things happen at first, let me know, and - please - maintain patience.

Mike Hassur