(* asterisk before date indicates race rather than a ride)


*March 19:   Gran Fondo Ephrata (gravel race)


April 15:         Carbon River Entrance to Mt. Rainier (Puyallup --> Orting --> South Prairie --> Wilkeson --> Carbonado --> Carbon River Entrance --> back) (~63 miles round trip) 


*April 29:       Capitol Forest (Olympia gravel race)


May 06:          Narrows Bridge – Gig Harbor – Kitsap Ride (~50-60 miles;  4000’ to 5000’ of climbing)


*May 21:         1.  Cheaha Challenge Gran Fondo (qualifier for “World’s”)            2.  Gran Fondo Leavenworth (gravel race)


May 27:         Skate Creek Loop Ride (start area just east of Ashford --> Nisqually Entrance to Mt Rainier --> Paradise --> Box Canyon --> Backbone Ridge --> Ohanapecosh --> Packwood --> Skate Creek Road --> back to where we started) (~80 miles; 6,000’ climbing)


June 17:         Sunrise Climb Repeats Ride (start at base of climb to Sunrise Visitor Center --> climb to Sunrise --> descend --> climb to Sunrise --> descend --> climb to Sunrise --> descend  (optional: 4th climb to Sunrise --> descend) (3x = 60 miles, 7200’ of climbing;  4x = 80 miles, 9600’ of climbing)


July 15:           STP (Seattle to Portland)


July 27:           RAMROD (registration: 3/1 – 3/21)


Aug 24:          “Rainiering” Ride (**Note: this is a Thursday – to minimize traffic issues**)...

** "Rainiering" definition:  any one day ride that has a total amount of climbing > 14,411 feet (i.e. the height of Mt Rainier)**

Sep 16:           Passport-2-Pain Ride on Vashon Island (registration:  open now through the day of the ride)


Sep 30:           Mt. St. Helens (west side) (Tour de Blast route) (~84 miles;  7,100’ climbing)


** I will try to send out a “reminder” ten days in advance of each ride.  Please respond at least a week ahead of the ride if you are interested in going, so that I can determine if there is enough interest to do the ride.  If there is a lack of interest, we will simply cancel the ride. **